Benefits of Implementing Qualified Sports Coaches in Your School

PE and school sports have two very different outcomes. PE focuses on developing a child’s physical literacy to help encourage a lifelong participation and enjoyment of physical activity, whilst teaching pupils how to move effectively.

School sports however helps to improve sports specific skills through increased opportunities in school and the wider community which ultimately enhances a students physical, technical, tactical and mental understanding. This also helps develop fundamental life skills such as; communication, teamwork, fair play and leadership skills.

Using a qualified sports coach in your school can make a valuable contribution to both the quality and variety of PE and school sports provided to pupils, but other than helping students achieve the necessities listed above, what are the main benefits to implementing a qualified sports coach in your school?

Upskilling Teachers

Implementing a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced sports coach into school can help enable your teachers to upskill themselves by working alongside the coach during lessons. This can help teachers to improve their knowledge and understanding around the development of core skills in students, such as; movement, control, stability, balance and coordination. This will ultimately boost a teacher’s confidence when it comes to teaching various areas of PE and school sports themselves.

Raising the Achievement Agenda

Having a qualified sports coach on board can also have a major contribution to raising the achievement agenda in throughout the school curriculum by developing the confidence and self esteem of pupils through sport, whilst educating them on the importance and value that sport has.

Promotes Participation 

Developing a child’s enjoyment of physical activity and sport from a young age is key to promoting lifelong participation, so introducing a qualified sports coach in school who is passionate about physical activity and sport themselves will automatically provide pupils with a positive role model, which in turn motivates them to have more involvement in various activities linked to PE and sport.

Monitoring and Evaluating 

The most obvious reason to implement a qualified sports coach into your school is the fact that they have relevant experience, knowledge and qualifications around the subject. This means that the monitoring and evaluating of student progress will be far more in depth and accurate for each individual pupil based on their capabilities.

The coach is able to highlight various improvements that a student needs to make in order to enable progression. A plan can then be devised to implement improvements within lessons.

At Believe and Achieve Sports, we deliver PE, PPA cover and extra curricular activities within schools in a way that is fun and engaging whilst being educational, so that we can ensure that every child understands the benefits that participating in regular physical activity has on their body.

With a reputation of providing an excellent service, we hold the interests of each individual child as paramount importance to what we do, believing that everyone has the right to be active and participate in PE and sport regardless of ability.