EDUball is a innovative and unique educational tool that merges physical activity and academic learning. The creative educational concept assumes the development and improvement of children’s cognitive skills through the movement.

Children participating in physical activities with EDUballs learn about colors, letters, numbers, the basics mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and many others language and math rules and at the same time they develop and improve physical fitness and motor skills e.g. throwing, catching, rolling, dribbling, kicking, running or bouncing the ball.

Numbers, letters, and signs, as well as colors of the educational balls, make their use extensively possible in almost all school subjects. They can be used to teach English, foreign languages, mathematics, computer science, history, biology, geography and so on. EDUballs are also recommended in higher grades to make physical education lessons more attractive and to provide a student with possibilities to reinforce knowledge in other school subjects.

Physical education classes with EDUballs significantly influence on children’s motor and cognitive skills.

The legitimacy of the use of EDUballs is scientifically proven.

EDUball is an innovative educational aid for preschool and early childhood education teachers, and also physical educators, coaches and special needs teachers. EDUballs are a great addition to any physical activities e.g. after school activities, recreation games, sports trainings or special needs programs etc. They can be used at the gym, outdoor sports fields, playground etc.


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What are the Benefits?

Physical Benefits

Cognitive Benefits

EDUball is a great addition to any physical activities e.g. extra-curricular activities, recreation games, PPA Cover, sports training, special needs programs and interventions to name a few. 

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