How To Get Our Kids To Drink More Water

It’s recommended that kids should drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, but as parents the difficulty with this is being able to encourage our children to drink more. So the question is, how can we be successful in our attempts to encourage?  Check out these 5 tips to give you some inspiration:

Make It Fun

We all know that water tastes pretty bland, especially for younger taste buds when there is so much more tempting and appealing colourful and sugary drinks out on the market. So how about injecting a bit of fun into it by using bright coloured cups and silly straws, so it’s more inviting and even exciting to drink water?

Around The House

As strange as it sounds, always make sure you have water available for your kids to drink throughout the day in each room they are likely to be playing in. Children tend to be so busy playing that they forget to take a break and rehydrate, so if you ensure it’s readily available, they will be more likely to take little and often sips whilst they are playing.

Out And About

Most of the time when your out with the kids, they utter the words ‘I’m thirsty’, so make sure you have a bottle of water or two when you’re out and about, and it will also save a few extra pennies instead of having to go and buy them a drink, and giving them the ability to choose the most sugary drinks on the shelf.

Water With Meals

Don’t forget that water also helps with our digestion , so why not make a rule as a family that you only drink water at meal times. That way you can make sure that they hit their daily requirements for water consumption, even if they’ve not had as much to drink whilst being at school.

Set An Example

 It’s all well and  good encouraging our kids to drink enough, but as an adult do you meet the daily requirements? Adults should drink 2 liters of water a day, so maybe make a goal to start drinking more water as a family.