Keeping Pupils Engaged In PE During The Winter Months

Delivering successful PE lessons can sometimes be challenging for teachers, especially during the winter months when it’s cold, and everyone wants to hibernate in order to stay warm, rather than get moving. Here’s our 4 top tips that our B&A coaches have highlighted to help keep your pupils engaged:

Good Preparation And Planning

Careful planning of the curriculum and extra curricular is an absolute necessity in order to minimize the disinterest of students when you plan with the seasons in mind. For example, when it comes to sports such as Football, Rounders and other sports along those lines that are ideally played outside, it’s generally best to factor those topics in after Christmas, whereas topics like Dance or Gymnastics can be done with ample inside space, keeping students a bit warmer whilst still keeping them moving.

Lead By Example

If you’re keen and eager to get stuck into your sessions, children are more likely to follow your lead and stay engaged in the lesson in which you are delivering. It’s extremely important to stay positive to boost everyone else’s moral up and get them excited about what you’re doing. If you are also reluctant and lethargic to get moving when it’s cold, you won’t deliver a great lesson, which ultimately means that you will get no engagement from your students.

Be Creative With Indoor Space

The key to pupil engagement in PE, especially when it’s cold is creativity, innovation and initiative of staff in terms of making the space you have work for your pupils. It then becomes a positive loop of teachers continually trying to maintain and improve pupil engagement by constantly changing the stimulus and creating new challenges. This in turn automatically draws children in and keeps them interested and focused on the task they have been set.

Keep Sessions Active And Exciting

Realistically, no one wants to be cold, pupils and staff alike, so it’s important to keep the lesson active with as little stops as possible. If children are excited by what they’re doing, they soon forget about the cold. It may even be worth incorporating activities with high running rates into your sessions when it’s cold too.