Summer Term PE: Being Smart in Summer


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Summer is finally here, the time of stuffy sports halls and cold concrete is over, a new era of Joe Roots, Babe Ruth’s and Paula Radcliffe’s are ready to go.

As temperatures rise, the excitement for outdoor P.E. closely follows, however, with great weather comes great responsibility, safety measures must be followed!

As I’ve mentioned before the weather outside can very much affect how the lesson goes, but before you even start your lesson you have to check the area in which you are teaching.

It may sound silly, and of course the grass won’t exactly be Lords or Old Trafford but it must be clean of debris. You have no idea who has had access to it at evening or weekends, so just quickly go around pick up and bits to ensure it’s clean and safe.

Next is water, no not the stuff Tom Daley dives into I mean drinking water. Kids are very smart, a lot smarter than most would think but drinking water is not always top of their agenda.

In the schools I work at, all children have their own water bottles for the classrooms but when it comes to P.E. outside I will make sure all teachers know to bring out the water bottles. Keeping hydrated is crucial for anyone, but for children running about in the sun it’s very important they have access to water.

With the change of weather, comes the change of equipment and with this also comes great responsibility.

Cricket bats, tennis rackets and cricket wickets can be a disaster if they are not used safely. So before you start any lessons you must explain to the children the importance of safety and how to handle various pieces of equipment.

Again thinking about equipment it must be age and ability appropriate, not everyone is going to be able hit a ball like M.S. Dhoni, swing like Nadal or run like Mo.

Cricket bats and tennis rackets can be very heavy to young children, so make sure you have the right size, appropriate for each child. They may seem like small things, but the size of equipment can hinder a child’s progress.

A Year 2 may be perfect at throwing and catching the ball, but when it comes to hitting a ball they may struggle, so just be careful on how you help as it could be the equipment isn’t the right fit.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again TEMPERATURE, to you it may not be hot but sprinting and running for long distances can be very difficult for children. Summer season has always been athletics season for me in P.E. outside in the sunshine, getting a tan and having a laugh although with kids you have to be sensible.

Setting out races i.e. distances or speed must be practical, treat athletics like a buffet, start small and gradually build up the appetite, nobody wants to be full in 5 minutes and struggle for the next hour.

So please remember to make age and ability appropriate targets for the children, don’t try to much, play it safe, be sensible and remember enjoy it! The British summer isn’t around for too long!!

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