Traits Of A Good PE Teacher

All teachers have to have certain qualities in order to be successful within the profession, but if you’re teaching a specific sport such as PE, it’s important to have other qualities and traits that set you apart from teachers who are able to teach multiple subjects. Here at Believe and Achieve Sports, we have identified 8 specific traits we think makes a good quality PE Teacher:

Athletic Ability

As obvious as it seems, a good quality PE teacher has to lead by example and be a good role model to their students when it comes to encouraging their pupils to be active and make healthy lifestyle choices. This doesn’t mean that they have to be the next star athlete, but they do need to have a healthy enough lifestyle themselves in order to enable them to motivate students to participate in PE and be healthy.

Teaching Ability

This is another that seems obviously apparent, but a good quality PE teacher has to have the ability to break a PE lesson down in a way that all students are able to understand , as well as being able to adjust the lesson accordingly to ensure all pupils can take part regardless of the difference of ability levels. 

Interpersonal Skills

All teachers must be able to communicate with each other, their students and parents in order to make sure that they can work collaboratively so that each individual child is able to develop in the best way that they can.

Communication Skills

Clear communication is yet another key quality that you need in order to be a good quality PE teacher, because it’s communication that helps you to ensure that your pupils have a clear understanding of the tasks in which you set them during a PE lesson.

Patience and Adaptability 

Patience and adaptability are important to being successful at teaching. Every pupil has their own unique way of learning, so the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t really work if you genuinely want to enable your students to progress to their full capability. For this reason, it’s important that you stay patient when a pupil is having difficulty understanding something, and have the ability to adapt your teaching style to try other approaches to helping your students understand something or participate fully within a session. 


Being a PE teacher certainly comes with it’s challenges, one being the fact that your lessons are more at risk of being moved around to different locations due to the fact that PE is not a core subject, and this means that the space that you end up with is sometimes considerably smaller than the space that you were originally allocated. For that reason, it’s always important that you have a contingency plan in place should you be moved and you are unable to do the session that you were meant to be delivering.

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One thing that proves to be frustrating for teachers is the disengagement of pupils, but we don’t question why they are disengaged and what that has to do with our lesson plans. Could it be possible that the disengagement is caused by too much repetition in lessons? The simple answer to that is in fact yes. As a teacher it’s our responsibility to keep pupil engagement, and that means that we must be creative and ‘think outside the box’ to keep tasks in which we set pupils entertaining whilst being educational.

Focus on Students

Being a teacher, regardless of the subject means you have a passion for teaching pupils skills that help them develop and progress to be the best version of themselves when they leave school and go into the working world. Working with children can prove to be quite challenging at times, not to mention mentally draining, but it’s important to keep that passion to help maker your lessons fun, educational and engaging.